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Jiangsu Kanghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Sanhekou, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, is a professional factory that produces various series of disposable medical devices, large infusion drug packaging, etc. It has a long production history of more than 30 years and is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise. It is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, a city with outstanding people and developed economy. Adjacent to the international city Shanghai in the east and Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties to the west, it takes only 45 minutes by high-speed rail. Commonly known as "there is heaven above, and the land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River" below.


The company covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, with a construction area of ​​68,000 square meters, has more than 1,000 employees, more than 16,000 square meters of comprehensive technology and office buildings, more than 400 sets of automated production equipment and advanced testing equipment, and annual sales of 6 More than 100 million yuan. A large number of products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions, and the sales network is spread all over the world. The supply has been in short supply. It is a leading company in the export of products in the same industry in China.


Kanghua people are prepared for danger in times of peace, and are currently making full use of high-quality resources such as strong capital strength, global sales network, and industry-leading brand effect to implement innovative changes. The first is to establish a large foreign trade company, implement the integration of industry and trade, and create a new platform; the second is to extend the industrial chain and introduce a series of new product technologies (such as needleless syringes, High-end human heart stents, biodegradable orthopedic devices, etc.), have reached cooperation intentions with the world's top scientific research institutions such as the United States and Canada, and at the same time promote the implementation of innovative research bases in Canada and the United States; third, actively preparing for the main version of the market, currently in consultation Preparation.


The company provides employees with competitive salary and benefits, a comfortable and spacious working environment, and a living and entertainment environment with complete supporting facilities and good facilities. There are brand-new luxurious office buildings, apartment buildings, restaurants, and a fitness center in the comprehensive office building with table tennis, snooker, treadmills and other fitness facilities. In order to improve the applicants’ ability to further understand our company in writing, the homepage of our company’s website is loaded with more than 10 minutes of live video on the part of the factory and many large-scale production workshops. Please browse and watch.


The stage is infinitely good, and the talent is full of joy. The company’s employment philosophy is "make the best use of their talents; morality first, both ability and political integrity; talents grow with the enterprise, and the enterprise and talents prosper together." Designing career planning and personal growth paths for employees, the company platform is a personal career Stage. It looks like a grassroots economy, but in fact it is a sunshine industry; the platform has been set up, and we look forward to the world's talents! At this time of rapid development, at the beginning of reform and innovation, the company needs to attract and introduce a large number of management talents and all kinds of technical talents. We sincerely hope that you who have dreams, challenges, and both ability and political integrity will join Kanghua and stand by our side. , Win-win life and create a better tomorrow!

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Jiangsu Kanghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Focus on the production and sales of disposable medical devices and large infusion medicine packages.

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